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Thank you for visiting our page on creative ideas on decorative tips for this holiday season! Check back often because as we will continually add more to this site. This week we show you how to be creative with LED lights with very little effort.

Holiday Decoration Tips - LED Lights
LED lights are easily purchased from most retaliers around this time of the year. I prefer them since they are very cheap and also efficient in the use of electricity. Typically 100 LED lights use as much as 4 Watts of electricity!

This week I show you how you can spruce up your lights with minimum effort. The LEDs that you can purchase normally come lined up one at a time connected by long cables. Although, you can purchase multi-colored lights they almost always come in a set of row one at a time. Here I show you how easily you can group LEDs light in a 'bunch' almost like a flower arrangement to add a nice light effect to the whole array of lights. See Fig. 1 for an example of lights bunched together in groups of three.

To make this kind of light effect, you need to get three of the same kind of lights. Unpack all three led sets and take the ends of the three strings. Find the first sets of lights for the three and bunch the cables together like you would with three roses, pass the cable-tie (Fig. 3) and tighten and then clip off excess. Repeat this for the remainder of the groups of LED lights. You should have an array of lights that look like Figs. 1 and 2. You can be creative and group more LEDs together to add more of a visual effect. I also created groups of 4 but this time instead of laying down four separate LED strings, I pulled together 4 LEDs from the same chord and tied them in a cable tie. I don't have a picture of this but other people have commented on its visual attractiveness.